In our digital age where most corporates work from a similar technical platform, success is increasingly being determined on how motivated, healthy and go-getting the system members are.  "Leadership Through Health" is our primary objective with "health" seen as a holistic principle encompassing all basic human needs.  

Corporate Health

  • Developing measures on reducing stress levels at the work place
  • Coaching, face-to-face mentoring and other prevention measures 
  • Drafting and implementation of inhouse health management systems
  • Consultancy for Works Councils in terms of the German Works Council Constitution Act (BetrVG)
  • Self-development and team trainings 

The Po
werBodyMind Concept

Power Body

Body movement is a key to healthy living. It is the one major element that determines a balanced physical and mental constitution. More and more medical research is concluding that exercise is much more than we realise. It is not only an anti-depressant but influences us on many subtle levels. Our experience is that the ancient body arts such as yoga, taiji and qi gong are especially beneficial when practised regularly. Our skeletal system is strengthened, heart and circulatory system kept in balance and muscle tissue strengthened. Our objective is to integrate such exercises in a daily routine both at home and on the job.

Power Mind

We are proponents of positive psychology such as "reframing". In our trainings and face-to-face mentoring we try to pinpoint the "other perspective" - seeing the positive side of things. A positive mindset and communication has a positive effect on the world around us, especially if we are dealing with people on a day-to-day basis such as in sales jobs.
Power Food

Nutrition is the third pillar of our trainings. Most of us are eating foods that are no long nourishing us and giving us the power we need to face the day-to-day challenges. The body has some 70 billion cells that interact with each other and keep our body working. For that we need power foods that keep us in top form. Most industrially-produced foods however, are no longer nourishing us. Even most so-called healthy foods have far less of the nutrients they had two decades ago, largely because of soil depletion and long transportation routes. The human brain makes up only about two per cent of our body weight but uses about 20 per cent of our body energy. When we do much travel, have little sleep and eat mainly "junk foods" we will not have the energy that we need to make the right decisions. By adopting mindful eating habits and focusing on real power foods you can positively change your feeling of well being and live a life at a higher energy level.