Supreme Yoga Safari 

An inner and outer journey to magical places in South Africa

"May you walk in
beauty above you,
beauty below you,
beauty behind you,
beauty surrounding you."

Hluhluwe/KwaZulu Natal, Lake St. Lucia, southern Mozambique 
Scheduled for January 21.-31. 2017 (extended trip possible)


We will be visiting unique and magical places, discovering South Africa's unique plant and animal kingdom. The inner and outer journey is strengthened by daily yoga practise and sequences from Tai Chi. You have the special opportunity of getting to know South Africa quite differently from the normal "tourist" perspective. We will also hear eyewitness reports and visit some of the locations in the life of a legend of our time - Nelson Mandela. 


  • Daily yoga and Tai Chi sessions
  • Sync with nature meditations
  • South African-born and U.S. workshop leaders
  • Wildlife you have never experienced before
  • Game drives and nature walks
  • Original sites and locations in the life of Nelson Mandela

"The great teachers through history
traverse a varied landscape
of culture and tradition -
but nearly all have passed through
and been strengthened by
alone time in nature . . ."

Anonymous quote