TurningOfCircleThe Turning of the Circle: Embracing Nature's Wisdom for Purposeful Living

Based on the tenet that all creation is in a continuous process of transition,
the Chinese teaching of the Five Elements 
sees "seasonal changes" as a principle of life.
All living beings interact, adapt and change on a continuous, evolutionary cycle.

The opportunity lies in finding balance and harmony when the tide of change is at its peak.

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Cover3DHow to train yourself to be conscious and aware so that any walk anywhere can become a journey of self-development and spiritual renewal. 

In following the footsteps of medieval pilgrims on ancient paths, countless modern-day seekers have rediscovered purpose and meaning. Reino Gevers reveals why deep walking is one of the best and most underrated forms of exercise, boosting the quality of life on many levels. In taking time out for mindful walking, senses are opened to the whispers of the universe, realigning body and mind in a world of distraction. Religion and spirituality take on a whole new meaning. Within Deep Walking, Reino tells the stories of pilgrims “walking off” old emotional baggage. The shadow is part of the walking-alone-experience that gradually cracks open the doorway to the soul. The emotional shift becomes part of the deep walking experience.

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